The Working Together Society

Staff is a chair with generous, confortable lines, in a light, subtle design with a highly distinctive silhouette. It is available in two versions: fully upholstered or with a black or white translucent fabric back.

Staff is a collection specially designed to equip meeting rooms, reading areas, work spaces and waiting areas, as well as serving as a visitor's chair, adding distinctive, eye-catching design to the room.

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Designer: Ramos & Bassols
Ramos-Bassols was founded in 2004 by David Ramos Tarrés (born in Terrassa, 1969) and Jordi Bassols Borrell (born in Barcelona, 1976). They started working together in 1998.Having worked in design and product development for many years now, their briefs and the types of products have varied greatly: household furniture, objects (bespoke and off-the-peg), lighting and street furniture.They have worked with different companies: Alis, Concepta, Dab, ... Continue reading

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