The Working Together Society


Since 1947, with ideas, sketches, module, ingenuity, 3D and a lot of innovation, we build, piece by piece, a unique and exemplary story in the Portuguese market of office furniture.

Without neglecting legacy of a past drawn as the basis of the tradition of hand made and on the deepest knowledge of industry, FAMO is proud to be always a step ahead of the trends, hand in hand with technology, side by side with clients. "Working together” goes far beyond just a slogan, it´s a daily motivating force.

The way to achieve the ultimate goal is crucial – no detail is overlooked, no idea left unexplored. More than thinking outside the box, FAMO reinvent and rebuild this box, a bow were everything that we wish in a work space fits… and more… 

Working the metal

Searching for the best design

Team spirit
The art of working the metal is at the base of the origins, of the growth and all evolution of...

Rather than following trends, FAMO insists on launching them it´s something than run in it...
Two heads things better than one, four eyes see better than two, six hands are stronger...
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Research and innovation
Sustainable future

A successful work, with proposals, projects and results that exceed any and all...

Starting internally – where the involvement of all employees in all aspects of corporate life...

At Famo, the commitment to a higher quality of work passes also through a strong...
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