The Working Together Society

Custom projects

In these days, imagine and create, impress and be successful on all fronts, means listening carefully the client and presenting him the project of his dreams, means to express his ideas and words through sketches and 3D proposals, means turn theory into practice, the abstract into substrate, it means doing the possible and the impossible – to that we call a customized project, and FAMO is proud of itself for giving life to the dreams of its clients, giving them an irresistible reality, ready to be enjoyed, ready to work.

Alone or in partnership with architecture offices, interior design, designers or any other type of prescriber, the multidisciplinary team of FAMO adds knowledge and talent to research and develop the best solutions for any kind of projects, analysing carefully all stages of it.

Regardless of whether remodelling an old space, projecting a new one, designing a customize proposal, at FAMO there is always a solution. This solution is always the best possible, never less than that, always more than expected.

Adjust here, tighten there, stretching on the bottom, shorten the back… the most important is that every detail is perfect and at the client image. At FAMO, every work is taken to the heart; otherwise it won’t be called a custom project.